Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wiki-bound for 2007 Most Endangered Rivers

Alright, enough talk, looks like we’re going to give wikis a try and create 10 unique private wikis for our ‘America’s 10 Most Endangered Rivers of 2007.’ I was pretty psyched when I received the email today:

Ok, Chas. Knowing that you’ll be there for support, we’ll take 10 wikis for MER this year… We don’t know which ten rivers it will be yet, but I suppose as soon as we do, we start personalizing/using the wikis.
Over the last couple of months, I’ve been pushing pretty hard for greater document control in the workplace when it comes to MER (though never been through a MER before) and we’re going to give wikis a try.

But it’s been less than a day and I’ve already run in to a problem: I was planning on buying 10 private wikis on (one for each river) on Techsoup, but after a little more research I found that the maximum number of discounted wikis I could buy was three. Whoops.

For MER wikis to work, all of the rivers we select for 2007 have to be kept top secret until we release the report, which typically happens in April. This private medium will hopefully allow us to control the flow of information between us and the group who nominated the rivers by creating a central work area for each river as well as encourage our partners to add photos, videos, etc.

The challenge for us is finding a wiki host that will allow us to create 10 unique wikis with 10 separate URLs…and for little or no money. Wikispaces seemed to work, but at $5 per wiki per month, it was a little pricey for an non-budgeted expense . Jot Spot was under construction post Google buy-out, so that isn’t an option. And Socialtext seems to be a little overkill, but cool.

Any additional ideas, wiki or non wiki?

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