Friday, October 20, 2006

Convio Customer Summit

Next Monday and Tuesday will be interesting. The first ever Convio Customer Summit is being held in DC and new 2.0 tools are being discussed (released?), kind of psyched to hear what's in store—though I'm cautiously optimistic.

On Monday, I meeting our Convio consultant who will hopefully put us track. Our relationship with Convio has been fairly tenuous and I get the impression we’re a problem child who just hasn’t lived up to expectations. This is true, but historically there has been a little bit of unhappiness with our Convio relationship.

Recognizing our inability to perform to the level we’re capable of (very small house file and make little effort to raise money online), Convio is providing eight months (2-month of strategic development, 6-months of action) of free consulting services. A welcome relief with added pressure to put us on track and begin showing a ROI—which we desperately need to justify the gigantic cost associated with the tools. Looking forward to the event.

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