Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flickr - ing for our web photos

Growing up stealing was a bad thing. So were lies. But at what age does the line of thinking go from stealing to borrowing and lying to exaggerating?

I think I might have crossed that line pretty early and for web work, well, the term stealing shamelessly often refers to cool stuff. Why else would Joe public be able to view the source of a page? It’s got to be more than just the dork inside of you to giggle.

Soap box moment: good work should be shared. I know, spoken like someone who just stole, but its flattering, right? The Nature Conservancy has launched a very cool photo contest on Flickr...and now so are we.

On top of that we're looking to move all of our publication photos to flickr so that they can become more easily search, stored, and shared amongst staff and potentially the public. Photos can also be geotagged for that worldly view. And folks can subscribe to individual tags too. Check out the Flickr badge in the blog bling to the right. I've become a huge fan of Flickr.

The contest we're running will help us generate cool photos to potentially use on our new website, online and offline newsletter, membership calendar, annual report, and all of the other pubs that call for compelling river images. Very cool stuff that we're launching next week.

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