Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Added clues (wireframes) to the redesign puzzle

More wireframes are below, so I’ll be short. It’s great to see this stuff, wrap my head around it, and have things actually take shape. Previous work: sitemap and homepage wireframe.

As we move forward with additional design elements, several preliminary recommendations are noted below:

  • Reorganize the site’s content to focus on the user and allow for easy access to the wealth of content and tools available.
  • Provide a site environment that is accessible, user-friendly and engaging, and that fully leverages the components of the new AR brand message and visual identity.
  • Create a logical, uncluttered interface, with clear navigation and page layouts that display as much significant content above-the-fold as possible.
  • Find ways to elevate the content that users find most valuable (e.g., Action Alerts); find a way to archive content that is out-of-date or less relevant to users.
  • Create a site architecture that is sufficiently flexible to support future content growth.
  • Deploy your content management system (CMS) more widely to allow content to be added dynamically to campaigns, regional offices, etc.
  • Look at streamlining and upgrading the online store as much as possible.
  • Establish an online style guide that conforms to new brand standards.
  • Ensure that AR staff is clearly informed of issues or decisions affecting content or technology development.

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