Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wrapped up wireframes (this time I'm serious)

We've hopefully taken our last spin with the wireframes and sitemap for our national site. Though it's been over a month and stops here, here, here, here, and here, I think we're at a good place for moving forward. I devoted a little more time to this stage than I had planned, but I thought it was important to flesh out some of the building blocks due to my newness to the organization, partnering with two fairly similar marketing firms (one for design, one for build out), and the amount of outdated pages on the existing website.

Next week is our board meeting and we're planning on releasing the homepage mock-up, colors and all. Pretty cool stuff, but once it's out to the board and organization as a whole, we're off to the races between now and the first week of April to launch the new digs. It doesn't feel like a long time, and it's not, but figuring out the bells and whistles vs. our immediate content needs over the next couple of weeks will be crucial.

As we finish with the design elements, we're preparing for the next step with our second design marketing firm, The Elemement Agency. They will basically bring us home by attaching code to our designs and then import the design, content, and bells and whistles to Convio - a variable I haven't completely wrapped my head around. But it's something I'll have to do very shortly.

Please see below our most recent 'final' wireframe and sitemaps below:

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den said...


I was just wondering if the wireframe application that you're using is a free application for Non-profit orgs? I am a Web Designer for a non-profit org and am searching for a very user friendly wireframe application. If it's not free, is there one that you can recommend?