Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Out with the old, press conference...in with webcasts?

We're exploring the idea of a webcast for the release of our annual report on America's Most Endangered Rivers and I've gone to the usual suspects (here, here, and here) for info, but can't find many organizations who've utilized this tool.

There is a lot of cool potential (and hopefully savings too) for maximizing our opportunity to highlight this year's 10 most endangered rivers. I've found one in the area, but they won't return my calls. When was the last time you couldn't get a sales rep to call you back? I've left three messages too!

Basically, we're looking for a turnkey package that includes hosting, some interaction (live chat?), and is PowerPoint compatible. This is a test for us as we look to create a little added excitement surrounding the new website (planning on launching the first week of April) as well as this year's listing of 10 Most Endangered Rivers.

Anyone have experience with streaming live video? Thanks.


shibaku said...

Why not just videotape it and then post to youtube or google video? If you do it quickly, you get it up an hour or two later. It's much more convenient (and therefore I'm much more likely to do it) to watch that sort of video when I have time to do so rather than trying to time my schedule around watching the instant stream.

Plus, it's probably considerably cheaper.

Chas Offutt said...

Shibaku, thanks for reading! I like the idea (and the price point is crucial) and we may just end up going this route, but we do like the interactiveness of a Q&A during the real-time *press conference*.

We would put it up immediately afterwards, but the thought was that we'd attempt to create a little buzz leading up to it...but I still can't find anyone who will come to our office, shoot the video, and stream it live to our audience.

Last year we did a formal press event at the press club, so your point of convenience for our supporters/journalists/bloggers is pretty key.