Friday, January 19, 2007

Tips we can use from "The 59 Smartest Orgs Online"

We’d like to be smart too, so I’ve reviewed The 59 Smartest Orgs Online and came up with the top 10 things we can do in preparation for our website redesign. Or look to do in the coming year(s)—I’m trying to be realistic. But some very cool ideas to strive for in the weeks, months, and years ahead. The order below is of no particular interest.

Hats off to all of the organizations mentioned in The 59 Smartest Orgs Online (why 59 though?) and their good work incorporating a sense of community in their day-to-day efforts.

  1. Engage constituents through a Google interactive map. New York City Coalition Against Hunger
  2. Encourage small donations through MySpace, YouTube, message boards. ASPCA
  3. Utilize blogs and videos as recruitment tools for volunteers and interns. Doctors without Borders
  4. Incorporate Google Earth video tours. NRDC
  5. Tell stories to keep visitors connected to your work. Interplast
  6. Create a transparent tell-a-friend feature. Bookcrossing
  7. Entice use of e-cards through user-generated photos. TNC
  8. Showcase use of RSS for Radio, podcasts, and blogs (staff field journals). World Vision
  9. Create volunteer-led special events across the country and online. Share Our Strength
  10. Reach new audiences through mobile activism (cool wiki too). Mobile Activism
* One little note in regards to The 59 Smartest Orgs Online: what a pain to find the highlighted tool online since all of the links went to the homepage. For some, it required a bit of searching once I got to the site, but nonetheless, identifying 59 orgs is awesome! And a great benchmark for us.

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