Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One minute how-to podcast: understanding RSS

This is a great site, one minute how-to podcasts from 'How to cook a proper steak' to 'How to look like a zombie' to 'How to write a resume cover letter'. There are over a 100 podcasts on the site that recently won a Podcast Peer Award.

And then there's my personal favorite, 'How to prepare a Guinness for consumption'.

Last week, I did a one minute how-to show with George on 'How to create a Web 2.0 org'. It won't be out until the middle of February, but it was a pretty cool experience (when my Skype headphones weren't on the fritz). We're also planning on a one minute how-to on 'How to organize a river cleanup' to help us promote National River Cleanup Week.

But I digress. Today's one minute how-to was 'How to understand RSS' which was great and I love the analogy to TiVo. We're planning on having several different feeds for our redesign, so the more this type of information gets out the stronger (IMHO) our communication efforts will be targeting our intended audience, community leaders.

I've been spreading the gospel around the office (to the annoyance of a few I'm sure) and this is a perfect opportunity to reach out one more time to follow up with our RSS brown bag last December. I'll probably also include Marshall Kirkpatrick's Intro to RSS which is a great piece.

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