Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Redesigning with Flickr on our mind

Since we're having so much fun with the Flickr photo contest, we've extended the deadline to February 28th. So far, we have over a couple hundred photos and a few dozen "members" in our group. Not bad for our first run at a digital photo contest, but the real benefit to us has been experimenting with a photo sharing site for our redesign.

Our photos take up a lot of space on our server which is not a huge concern right now, but wait until we we start editing videos in house (our IT Administrator will cringe when he hears that). Sure, there are server benefits for us, but having photos on Flickr also gives us the freedom to interact with others who love rivers and want to share their experiences. Basically, another attempt at online community involvement. And, photos make pretty good sense as our work does involve a celebratory component - have to love it before you can protect it, right?

In addition to the contest, we've also migrated all of our web photo albums (our photo albums are viewed the most) to Flickr. And, if we decide to incorporate Flickr on our new site, we can do so by creating 'set' badges (batch of photos specifically related to one issue, region, etc.).

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