Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2nd draft: National River Cleanup Week

The second draft is complete. For this round, I sat down with our team leader and we went through the site, page by page. It’s not a big site, but took a little time to think about user scenarios.

Anyhow, we felt like the trash photo in the flash header was a little tough to tell that it was actually trash on a river. I've looked at it too many times now, does it look like trash to you?

It would be a little challenging to change it now unless we can find a “clean crop” photo (new language for me). Basically, not any photo will do, we need a photo that fits the header. Apparently compressing a photo to fit the 230px height doesn’t work. Dealing with photos is not one of my favorite web development activities.

We did away with the Contact tab in the top navigation and added it to the About Us tab. Other than that there were a couple of minor changes, nothing too big. The real crux here is the registration process: currently folks register and then once they confirm their username and password, return to the site and enter their cleanup details which will then be plugged on a Google map—cool.

However, there are challenges with that too since Google maps don’t necessarily work very well with a lot of data points. Apparently, Google is trying to fix it, but in the mean time we’ll have to use clusters. Stay tuned, hope to show you a draft of our Google map.

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