Saturday, November 18, 2006

Our homepage header gets trashed

I've run this by some key individuals within the organization and the consensus is that this photo is not trashy enough.

Sure, there are tires and styrofoam products in the image, but it’s not that obvious. So, keeping in mind with what I learned the other day, we need to find a photo that contains a stronger call to arms for our national river cleanup website.

Though the trash in our rivers is plentiful (unfortunately), the right sized photos are not.

A couple images that may work are below, but this may take a little time and we’re starting to push the comfort level for when we would like to launch this site…first week in December!

Any of the above photos stand out? The bottom two of are from and the first one is a random image from Flickr (which btw had pages of river trash - there's even a group called River Trash). For the Flickr photo, I've got an email out to the owner to ask for his permission - I think it's the best one, but size may be an issue.


Anonymous said...

I like the first photo, it's big, bright, and obvious that it's trash.

Page Sands said...

I searched flickr for images that were licensed (creative commons) for non commercial use where you could make derivative works.

Try this query:

Apollo said...

You should take submissions from bloggers or activists. Set some parameters and see what gets sent in. Or set up a Flickr user group, I bet people would be willing to let you use the images on the site for free. I live in DC and the trash I see in the rivers here is absolutely shocking. You'd got lots of free submissions.

Chas Offutt said...

Apollo, interesting ideas. I like the thought of setting up some parameters and opening the submissions up a bit.

Re flickr, we actually have a photo contest along similar lines:

Some great photos to date, but we'd love some of your trash photos if you have any (definitely not short of 'em in DC). Thanks for your input.

Serena said...

I hate that I'm about to write this, but (for the sake of the picture) I almost wish the trash in the first picture were in water.