Monday, November 06, 2006

Discovery phase launched: survey to online activists

We met with Bemporad/Baranowski Marketing Group (BBMG)—the firm leading our branding and 'web look' efforts—again late last week to follow up with our online activist survey. Though we've had a session with BBMG early last month to gauge staff wants / needs, this will essentially kick off the user side of our re-branding effort.

We're shooting for a November 13th email survey to the targeted group—those who've taken action in the last six months—and will post a link on our website to capture the viewpoints of our traffic. (Btw, I saw Washington Area Bicycle Association do this and thought it was pretty cool—though it’s been a few months and I haven’t heard a thing. I read the blog daily too!).

Anyhow, I hope this will at least let the cat out of the bag that we’re planning a website redesign. The survey questions are below; are we missing anything?

PART ONE [Issues & Activism]

1. What is the most important U.S. organization that comes to mind when you think of the environment?
2. What is the most serious threat facing rivers in the United States today?
3. What would you most like to see American Rivers accomplish over the next year? Over the next five years? [Open-ended]

PART TWO [Perceptions]

4. What American Rivers focus area most inspires you?
5. How would you describe the organization’s greatest strength? What about its greatest challenge? [Open-ended]
6. If you had to summarize American Rivers in one word, what word would you choose? Why that word? [Open-ended]

PART THREE [Donations & Benefits]

7. In your view, what is the most compelling reason someone should join American Rivers?
8. What is the highest minimum membership level you would deem reasonable to join?

PART FOUR [Web Communications]

9. How often do you visit the American Rivers website?
10. Which section of the website do you use the most?
11. What content would you like to see covered more thoroughly on the website?
12. Of the following, what environmental websites do you visit most often?
13. Outside the environmental arena, which websites do you visit most often in general? [Open-ended]
14. In general, what do your favorite websites offer that American Rivers’ website does NOT offer?

PART FIVE [Demographics]

15. What is your gender?
16. Which category best describes your age?
17. Which category best describes your race?
18. Which category best describes your level of education?
19. Which category best describes your annual household income?

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