Friday, November 10, 2006

Hungry for a Feedburner feed

Last August I visited Convio in Austin, TX, and asked them when they would fix their RSS feature—I could never get it to work properly. At the time, it seemed pretty shabby, but I don't think many clients were clamoring for it. However, to their credit, Convio addressed the faulty feeds.

For this blog, I wanted to test out Feedburner for our future web work, so I signed up and got the ball rolling—look down and to the right in the blog bling area. You can add the feed to your news reader / aggregator or sign up to receive new posts via email (a new feature that is very cool). And, what’s great about Feedburner is that I can track everything!

I was a little bummed that I couldn’t use this service on our national site since we’re working within a closed box, Convio. Anyhow, I just assumed we couldn’t utilize Feedburner until a friend said:

Mmm. Couldn't you just burn a feedburner feed from a working feed? In other words, burn a feed from a feed? If that makes sense?
Duh, perfect dorky sense—hadn't thought of that. Thanks man (you know who you are) and we're doing just that now, burning a feedburner feed from a working feed. Cool. I really want to track the subscriptions since our reporting metric indicates the Convio RSS link is one of the more popular links on the site—I find that a little surprising, but maybe we’re on to something here.

Do our supporters prefer feeds over email? Wouldn't that be great.

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