Thursday, November 02, 2006

New audio introduction added to the blog

Again, all of this is a testing ground for stuff we're beginning to experiment with as we go through our website redesigns.

The podcast tool I'm using is Gcast. They provides a free service that is extremely easy to use and one that can be done on the fly with a cell phone.

Interviews would be pretty cool. Maybe, I can chat with some of my co-workers as we go through the redesign process or better yet, some of our supporters - possibly even the design consultants, developers, and firms we're working with.

We have though begun testing the use of Gcast internally with field reports and we recently launched a Tim Palmer interview in our monthly newsletter. To date, we've gotten some pretty good feedback from folks.

I like the audio intro, but over the coming weeks I'd like to try a video a van down by the river. I have no video editing skills, and in fact, have never attempted to edit video or let alone shoot video. But I'd like to learn as well as test out these.

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