Thursday, November 30, 2006

Discovering new online marketing sources

A by-product of this effort to date (kind of unexpected too) is that I’m being introduced to folks in the marketing field.

Okay, introduced may be a strong word, but I’m at least being guided toward notable individuals with significant marketing experience who will benefit my organization’s work online. One notable is Katya Andresen, author of Robin Hood Marketing and Non-Profit Marketing Blog, Getting to the Point. She, along with Alan last month, recently wrote about my effort in her blog, even posted my responses to a few questions. Fun stuff.

I’ve also been reading as of late Beth’s Blog and Getting Attention, two more resources in the field. If there are others, and I’m sure there are, please leave a comment below or in the new ‘Talk to me’ section in the blog bling area.

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Beth said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the link! Keep up the great work, I'm enjoying your authenticity! If you have posts that might be of interest to others in the nonprofit tech field, be sure to tag 'em with nptech tag.