Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AHR's latest design misses the mark

The latest design for Act for Healthy Rivers took a downward turn. After the intervention last Thursday, we thought we were on the right track. But unfortunately not.

Basically, it was too much map, not enough of sewage + blog = slog. We want river groups to enlist, but the engine of the site will be the slog content which we will use to drive more folks to the site.

Though the newest design reflects a bit of miscommunication, we got ourselves on track this afternoon with a telephone call. Never underestimate the power of a call in times of frustration.

We're counting on the next round for that solid footing for moving forward. Act for Healthy Rivers' design process has seen a few different ups and downs, but I'm still confident we will end up with a great site - in fact, two great sites (Joe public site is still in the mix).

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