Monday, February 26, 2007

One minute how-to: How to create a 2.0 org is a lot of fun. Each podcast is unique, creative, and engaging. A perfect opportunity to expand - if not further test - our outreach opportunities online, right?

But before I attempted to sell it internally, I felt I needed to go through the process myself. So, I recorded a show with George (for the music buffs, a must visit: EclecticMix) on creating a 2.0 organization. I've never been comfortable doing this type of thing, but it was actually a lot of fun (aside sounding like a tool).

As an organization, we recently recorded our first show, How to organize a river cleanup. This episode won't air until the end of March, but fortunately it's still in time for our April 15th cleanup registration deadline.

We'd love to do more too, possibly a podcast on how to nominate a most endangered river, how to build a rain garden, how to dismantle a dam, or how to designate a wild and scenic river. All would be great. The possibilities are endless and the process was simple.

George skyped me one evening (the river cleanup was over a land line, so that's possible too), we chatted about what would happen, and off we went with my first podcast.

If you're interested in doing a show, contact George directly to arrange a time. Maybe someone would be interested in doing a one minute how-to on video blogging, recruiting new visitors, writing a blog post...all stuff I'd love to see.

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