Monday, February 19, 2007

National site homepage: 2nd draft proposed

The biggest problem with the first design was 1) the amount of space the top image took and 2) the fact that the email sign-up box was at the bottom of the page.

Given that most of our content was below the fold with the first design, our request was to change things around and bring the content to the surface - as much as possible. However, despite our best effort, the second draft didn't seem to work either.

What I liked about the first design was the full-length header (awesome river image!) and bold but balanced look. The new full-length column (left) seems a little distracting to me as there are several different blues, different type of asks, and a lot of empty space. Basically, I think we took a step backwards with this design.

But I love the column to the right: press releases and a del.icio.usly fed section of River News. So cool. However, though design is great for show, my friend used to say, the "chrome doesn't bring you home. " The full-width image is great, and everyone who I've showed it too loves the look, but I still go back to the content. What new content will we provide? And how will we provide it? Over the next couple of weeks, as production continues, this will be my focus.

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