Thursday, February 15, 2007

AHR front page mock-up: still safe

We took the feedback from our last discussion and turned it over to our partners who came back with exactly what we asked for - see below. There were slight tweaks, but overall it looked pretty good - though possibly a little dark (our suggestion). However, it does have the basic elements we're shooting for: simple navigation, pleasing to the eye, and a collaborative feel.

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All of this is good, and it looks great, but in the end it still has SAFE all over it. Though the second site, 'Joe Public', will be subversive and fun for a larger audience, we hope the river group site is a little more inspiring. The Slog (Sewage + Blog) will be cool, but is that enough for folks to join the campaign? It might bring them back (and hopefully so), but I'm not sure if it's the reason why river groups would join the campaign.

We've gone through three drafts of the front page mock-up (not including the two extra ones that were first built) and there has to be a point when we pull the plug and move forward in the name of time, associated costs, and sanity.

Our partners were given a pretty tall order (and have responded above and beyond), and it's been since October since we began conceptualizing what Act for Healthy Rivers will look like, but there comes a time when we need to move forward for the sake of moving forward. We want to continually advance the ball; however, with every step forward over the last two rounds, we seem to get a little crossed up and end up taking two back. We need clarification for our partners.

One last crack at it and all systems will have to be a go.

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