Friday, February 16, 2007

National site first level navigation finalized

During the last round of wireframes for our national site, we also approved the sitemap. So we thought. However, once we got a better look at our decisions in color, we made a slight tweak to the main navigation. The change was basically switching out the Successes section with the wider net, About Us.

We didn't have much in store for the Successes section for the main navigation and as we discussed internally, the content would probably fit just fine in the About Us section. Additionally, Innovative Solutions (second level navigation - see earlier sitemap) is one of those areas that's hard to define and (hopefully) implied within our Campaigns and Community Tools pages. And, on top of it, it's completely new content...which we haven't planned for and unsure where it will come from.

Our finalized first level navigation is as follows:

Header/top navigation
Contact Us

Main Navigation
About Us
Community Tools
Take Action
Join Us
Your Region

Contact Us
Fun Stuff

The second level is next. The current plan is to go through our current site, match up the existing second level with the proposed second level navigation above, and basically see what comes out of the wash. The important thing from here is not to go backwards, but no promises.

After finalizing the second level navigation, and hopefully third level too, I think I can begin wrapping my head around the text. I already have a good idea what's new, old, and needs to be updated, but it will be time to put the rubber to the road and start sending sections to our second half partners.

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