Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The SEO dance

A buddy of mine just launched Gale Force Sailing and when I first checked his page rankings, he didn't even make the first couple of pages (but his wikipedia entry did).

Then he got an email from a keen supporter and Search Engine Optimization/Marketing guy who did a few quick maneuvers on a sailing directory and he jumped to the top of Google. See the communication thread here.

That was pretty fast and there were immediate results. But it's not always that easy...or is it? I just chatted with the Social Media Group and they'd make you think it was pretty simple. And it may be. For us, the first step is to actually utilize our Google grants (I'm to blame here). Though our page ranking is decent and our backlinks is not bad (820), we could do a lot more.

Hopefully the Social Media Group can assist us, but until I can create a little more time prior to the launch of our national site as well as afterwards, I don't see us taking a significant step forward to increase our relatively low search engine driven traffic of 15%.

I was talking to a friend the other day about this stuff and as a joke (right?) he sent this interesting post. The video was amusing too, couldn't resist. See below:

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