Thursday, February 15, 2007

Full steam ahead: new AHR front page developments

I've been suffering from project fatigue. Added time, combined with many different front page designs, has created project fatigue. It's a feeling rooted in the weeds of a project that bounces back and forth from clarity and confusion. And over time the line between the two simply dissolved.

The last round was safe, probably a little too safe, but most importantly it didn't beckon action as we had hoped. We needed direction with this project, fast. The last seven mock-up (yes, count them!) has run the gamut and we've payed the price. I got the feeling that it was mutual and our partners wanted to meet to discuss strategy.

What's the one thing we want river groups to do? So I was asked. My response, join the campaign and get mapped. That's what we want; we want river groups to be a part of the fight to combat sewage in our rivers. The result is the NEW mock-up of the front page below.

Basically, we needed to get back to the basics and define what we wanted. This is incredibly important for moving on. Fortunately, in response to previous discussions, our partners jumped in and laid out the three main goals for moving forward -

  1. The site needs to accurately state the issue. (since this site's audience is river groups we can be technical)
  2. The site needs to be a source of regular information on the issue and the progress of the legislation. (thus the blog)
  3. The site needs to capture River Groups that are supporting this initiative.
"Design goals should be focused on keeping it clean, non-text heavy, and unique." I was told. And completely agree. Though we have a couple of tweaks (wouldn't be the same without, right?), I think we can finally move forward with direction. Thanks fellas.

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