Friday, February 02, 2007

AHR navigation scheme determined

With one redesign complete, the next couple of months will be pretty intense with the launching of Act for Healthy Rivers (next few weeks, cross your fingers) and the launching of the redesigned, rebranded, and reworded national site in April. This past week has definitely felt like the calm before the storm. The two remaining sites couldn't be more different in design, scope, and audience.

AHR is being built by a small firm in washington, DC, who develops sites using the open source platform, Drupal. The look and feel of our national site is being designed by a New York firm who will turn over the creative assets to the second New York firm who will then attach the code to the pretty pictures and make sure everything works within our closed content management system provider, Convio.

Yes, the moving parts make me nervous. Yes, the closed system has me on the edge (unforeseen extra costs). And yes, the amount of cooks in the kitchen does make me a little jumpy. (I think that is one reason I feel the need to document every move)

However, over the next couple of weeks, it will be all AHR. More than a week ago we received the mock-ups. Early this week we responded with our desired design features. Then, after undergoing an internal review of our content needs and creative assets, we plotted the navigation.

Slog | Policy Watch | Act Now | River Groups | Contact

A preliminary site map is outline below:


* Overall, like the structure of HRC’s news page

Policy Watch

Index page – home
Learn about sewage
Learn about the legislation

Act Now

Index page – home
Five things you can do now
Join Act for Healthy Rivers (reg page for groups, similar to NRCW)
Slog your story (contact page)
Spread the word (tell-a-friend function, transparent)
Link to the campaign (similar to kick the oil habit)
Subscribe (slog updates/RSS feed (blog and comments)

River Groups

Index page – home
Dynamic Google map that displays the groups who’ve ‘Acted’ (similar to NRCW)
Strong call to register river groups


Index page – home
Primary contact for campaign and ‘slog your story’ landing page, AR plug too
About us
History of Campaign
Steering Committee
Join Act for Healthy Rivers

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